Monday, January 9, 2012

Bumper Stickers!

If you left comments don't forget to email me your mailing address!  So, far the winners are:
Darla...have your address, need your last name!
Barbara D., Gretchen of Getsme & Theory need name and address you are winners!
3 more winners available!
Leave a comment!

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New Year.....New Stuff!

Being the Hunter and Gatherer that I search for a fun, brainless, yet descriptive assessment of who I am and what my car does has been fruitless for years.  So, with the ease of a few pecks on the keyboard my bumper stickers were created.  Below is now what accessorizes my car!

Should you want one for yourself...they are available here.

This is what I'm talkin' about!

First ten people that comment will get there 
choice of either bumper sticker for FREE!
Just email me your mailing address and it is yours!

May your new year be filled with good junking!


Wendy said...

Ha! These make me smile :) I suppose it's probably because they hit close to home. I'd love to win one of these.

Deborah( said...

I love those! How fun!


darla said...

I would love to have either one to put on my ten year old junkin car. I enjoy your blog.

Theory said...

these are so cute i would like to win one pretty please.

Barbara D. said...

They are sooooo funny. They both describe me & my car.

cupcake studio said...

These crack me up...LOVE the junking sticker. :)

Alexa Lett said...

Theory, Barbara D. have won bumper stickers....need address and name.
Send to:

Thank you!

gitsme said...

Oh' from one " Junkin' Queen" to another, I need one of these!

gitsme said...

One of these would be just perfect out on my " Junkin' Journeys " I'd love to win one.