Friday, January 20, 2012

The Epicenter of Creativity--Tinsel Trading Co.

After years of drooling over magazine photographs, visiting their website in a much stalking way and knowing everyone I respect in the creative industry finds Tinsel Trading the mecca of all things ribbon....I too, have now officially drooled, touched and swooned over one of the most beautiful stores in the world.

Yes, the store window was more beautiful than I had envisioned.  

There was an area in the back that had a table with old boxes of beads, bedazzlements and fishbowls filled confetti type garnish.  Just grab a bag and get a scoop!

But, truly the best part of the store was simple the abundance of ribbon.  Every shape, color, type, texture and age was there for the viewing.  Beautifully arranged by color and and displayed in and on vintage shelving and storage.

Bins of stuff!

Plus, there were walls of miscellaneous adornments.  Buttons, felt, leaves....way to much to list or consume.  You just have to sit and ponder.

Loved the display of old wooden spools everywhere!

More ribbon than you can imagine.

This type of store makes you want to sell all worldly possessions, purchase the store and hope you will live long enough to create as much as your head begins to spin out ideas.  
It IS the epicenter of creativity!

Yes, one more check off the old creative bucket list.
I have been to Tinsel Trading!


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Whimsey Creations said...

Oh you lucky girl. I'm drooling all over my keyboard at your pictures. I've loved that store for years and never have been but it's on my bucket list too. Thanks for sharing the pics!