Friday, February 17, 2012

FOLK Magazine!

For years my favorite magazine was "Home Companion". I was in mourning for almost three months when I no longer received what I thought to be....the best rag EVER!

But, just as one magazine closes...another one seems to open.
Now, we have the good fortune of 
"FOLK" !

But, the ultimate joy is to see your writing in print.  There was a call to submit your definition of being a "Folk" person....I immediately knew the answer.  I grew up in "FOLK" country....amongst "FOLK" people....I am died in the wool "FOLK"!!

My small ramblings were on the top of the last page.  Just under "Until Next Time".....
It looks small from this photo, but, it was gi-normous in my eyes.

 I basically penned my sentiments about each letter of "FOLK".

                                                 F = Food
                                                 O = Opulence
                                                 L = Likability
                                                 K = Kick Butt Good Times

Thank you "FOLK" for including me in your beautiful magazine!
Everyone pick it up, enjoy the lovely photos and articles and
most certainly support a business with such yummy beginnings!


Kit said...

Yay! Congrats. I too miss Home Companion to this day. Glad I saved each and every one of my issues. Kit

Whimsey Creations said...

Congratulations and glad you like the magazine. I received my first copy and was sorely disappointed. I thought it was very poorly laid out - hard to read the words against the backgrounds, and more than one article had terrible grammar. I was so hoping it would be a good one. But I didn't even finish reading all the articles before I gave it away. Just my 2 cents worth.