Monday, July 30, 2012

Quilting With Felt!

My latest hotel project! 

 One of my most recent visits to Florida I discovered a wonderful quilting store, "Rainbow's End".  Adjacent to oodles of fantastic bolts of fabric, there was a small felt room.  So many beautiful colors and shades of felt....who knew?  I was so excited to make something!

Felt is one of my favorite fabrics (?) to work with, but I have never seen but simple primary colors at my local fabric store.  I've found cool colors online, but have not placed an order...colors are so deceiving online.  But there it was a wall of cubbies full of vibrant colored felt.  Very new and fresh...not vacation bible school-ish.  

Much more to show soon....

1 comment:

Julia S-W said...

Like small jewelled squares - so beautiful.