Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quilt and Felt Goodness!

I am in a stitching phase!  Found a set of three beautiful red and blue edged linen cocktail napkins at a yard sale.  Plus, I found some beautiful navy and red felt....have I told you how much I love felt?...and remnants of a quilt top.....merged them all together.

Now, I have a beautiful red and blue edged linen embellished cocktail napkin.  Now what?  Not quite sure what to do with it...but, I sure did have fun creating it.

Maybe it is a future pillow....quilty art....wall hanging...don't know.

Just create.  It feels good.

Now...let's do some word transference. 

"Create with some felt and create with some thread
and create with some castoffs and create with some stuff you had.
Oh, the creations you can create
if only you go ahead!'

-variation on a theme by Alexa Lett in honor of Dr. Seuss, quite a clever guss

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donna!ee said...

AND you're quite an exceptionally clever girlie! ;D