Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Turbinator = Terminator!

The is the name of a hair dryer!
Could not resist sharing this self-described product name with the masses.
This lovely dryer was a huge beat up black dome that you eased down and let hover over your roller curled hair.  In its day...maybe 60 years ago, it was probably the end all hair drying device found in only the posh salons.  I can actually envision a somewhat prim and proper lady of the house wearing her latest ironed cotton print, belted waistline dress reading a "Good Housekeeping" rag while sitting in a pink sculptured Naugahyde chair, legs crossed and this ginormous black bullet dome hovering over her head.  
Yep, that has the makings for a lovely doooo!

This product name was probably the root word foundation for our now popular "Terminator" movies and former California Governor.  Just think a feminine drying device could have been the early beginnings of how women tested their strength to endure the week for all of their housekeeping challenges...and we thought Arnold was the man.  He was inspired by women.

Go out and turbinate today!

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