Monday, December 17, 2012

17th Day of Christmas!...A Free Vintage Christmas Postcard!

Free Gift of a Vintage Christmas Postcard!


We are in the home stretch...only eight more days until the end of the contest, and the beginning of one of the most wonderful days of the year.  Today, I was pilfering in my stash of postcards...found this poinsettia and thought it might be a fun giveaway.  Note the postal date...January 6, 1909.  It has been around a while...only 1 cent to mail.  Oh...memories.

Had a minor mix-up on getting my Christmas cards, but they arrived today!  I have addressed all evening.  It will cost a wee bit more than 1 cent in postage per card.  My honey suggested I computerize the whole process....NO WAY!  Some things are sacred, and the art of Christmas card mailing lies in the tip of a fine point red Sharpie.  Only hand signed and addressed cards!  Technology is my fave...but, we must all have a purist moment...this would be mine.

Beware the bigger Christmas gifts are coming!  Have a handmade!  Random days of goodies are a comin'....


Please email me your full name, name of your blog address (we will share on
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How name is selected: As the comments are received they are given a number.
One of those random numbers is selected through "random number generator".
That number corresponds to each comment. Example: 4 people leave comments,
1-4 is entered into the generator and a number is selected. The number selected
is the winner of the Christmas Free Gift!
You can win more than one time!
No more than one entry/comment per person each day.


donna!ee said...

beautiful! blest be ;D

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

oh dear me!.....what a yummy piece of vintage-ness!....I would loveee to make a piece of art from this piece form your stash!!....creative blessings, package from you is getting bigger!! very excited!!!

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

oh my goodness....I am struggling with my eyes and the robot again!! is soooo worth it tho!! your giveaways....creative blessings...d

Kit said...

Oh this is sweet! Only 8 more days??? Oh no, this has been fun! Kit

darla said...

Beautiful poinsettia postcard. I admire the penmanship on some of these old cards.