Saturday, December 8, 2012

8th Day of Christmas! Free Mini ART!!

8th Day of Christmas!
Free Gift of Mini Art!


In honor of my newly purchased REAL Christmas Tree!  I am older than dirt....and I have never had a REAL....LIVE....PINEY SMELLING...Christmas tree....but,
there is a first time for everything!  My daughter wanted a change of tree scenery and today we purchased our first REAL tree!

What have I been thinking all these years?  It smells awesome...looks great...and Daisy, my furry daughter loves the water bowl at the base.  It is about 9'5" tall and I love every needle of it.  When we were at the tree lot I asked the owner how old this tree was prior to cutting, he said, "about 10 years, but, when we cut one down, we plant two."  This made me happy and presented this art as the freebie for today.  I made this about a year ago and how appropriate for today.  Leave a comment and it is yours!


Debbie - StudioBeeCreations

Your making shipping easy Debbie!...keep checking in!
Please email me your full name, name of your blog address (we will share on 
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How name is selected:  As the comments are received they are given a number.  
One of those random numbers is selected through "random number generator".  
That number corresponds to each comment. Example:  4 people leave comments, 
1-4 is entered into the generator and a number is selected.  The number selected 
is the winner of the Christmas Free Gift!
You can win more than one time! 
No more than one entry/comment per person each day.


Kit said...

This is so lovely! :) Kit

donna!ee said...

love your creations! blest be ;D

donna!ee said...

i wonder if you would be willing to sell 5 of each of the lotto & music flash cards??? ;D

MaddiChan said...

What a cute artwork! Have you ever heard of Swap-bot? It's a snail mail swapping site. My favorite thing to trade is Artist Trading Cards.

Debbie Harris said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeeee this piece of history incorporated into your art!....btw,sweet sister I am cleaning my studio,getting ready to create and start submitting!....this will be the year!!

darla said...

Love the mini art. Wow! That is some tall tree...enjoy the scents of the season.