Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Leg Up!

The next two photos are exactly the reason "going junking" has an appeal that only experiencing the hunt can satisfy.  My Ace Junking Comrade....E.....and myself met up to see what we could find. And, with little explanation we were not disappointed.

Yes, the biggest target "Firehouse Antiques"brought us the little oddity below.  We were walking along the aisle and this tall black cylinder canister was just sitting there.  I, at first, was entranced by the canister itself.  Just had to open the top....and there it was....a very less advanced prosthetic leg....harness and all.  I'll have to say this was a first for me.  We had to take it out of the container just to see how heavy it was....what it felt like....see it....hold it....

and of course, start posing it.  Let's just say the former owner of this leg was quite tall.  We assumed a man....or a former female basketball player.  The weight was so extreme the maker added a harness or a type of suspender to aid carrying it, and possibly this helped in keeping it in place as well.  I was fascinated!  

As tall as the leg was....the foot was only a size 7 or 8 ladies.  Hard to understand the proportion....the femur was incredibly long...once again, odd proportion.  

Now let's think about the canister.  Why was there one?  It looked as if it was for traveling.  The canister was clearly very durable and looked as though it had earned some flight miles. What is up with that?

Not sure, but all of these non-connecting facts may have been the reason this little piece of walking history landed in one of the largest junk hall of fame's in Huntsville.  Don't know....but, it sure makes a good story.

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