Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fabric, Fabric and Fabric....

In my effort to build my new studio, I am finding stuff I haven't seen in years!  The fabric is surfacing from each and every box.  My many stops at a thrift store, or the ultimate fabric haven, a quilt store, my stash is growing.  I believe some of the fabrics I have collected have become vintage during the time purchased and now seen.

Current fabric goal:

Get it all where I can see it at one time!

It will soon be here.....the studio.  Can't wait to share the end result.


Halle said...

Good for you! I do not have space to have it all out in an area of sorts but my goal is to go through it all and organize. I have so much fabric, trim, notions, etc all intermixed in boxes. It does no good to me in that stte.

darla said...

Great estate sale find!