Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vintage Marketplace Review!

Let's just start from the very beginning of this weekend's Vintage Marketplace.

I have never been to the Goat Farm in Atlanta until last Friday.  Now, in my brain it was quite difficult to envision a literal 'goat farm' in downtown Atlanta.  The city of Atlanta is basically concrete and tall buildings with the surrounding areas filled with concrete and shorter buildings.  A city filled with commerce.  

As I followed Gertie my GPS gal, it led my down this skinny, not so well paved, two lane highway with door to door businesses on both sides of the road.  Then I made a right turn, bumped through some typical construction and took a left into an Atlanta farm vortex.

The pavement paradise we all know as Atlanta has this little slice of earthiness which contradicts all descriptions given a large city.  As we traveled down the driveway there was a sign that read, "beware of animals".  First clue, the 'goat farm' might actually have goats?!! Who knew?

This former tannery is a venue and what appeared to be an artist commune of sorts.  The vibe from every building was beaming with warmness.

The mixture of dilapidated and useful was inspiring.  Everywhere you turned was a picturesque vignette!  Then we had Weatherly and her crew adding their creative!

The bigger building was a beautiful framework for any vendor.  Basically, you could sell dirt in a Solo cup and it would have been complimented by the environment.  

This is the entry to the big building and became the patio for resting...eating...and looking at all the cool stuff purchased.

Beauty is in the DETAILS! Vintage Revival and Company are filled with details!

Yes, this was a booth!  Speaking of details......

This is a photo from the opposite end of the big building.

As freaky as I am about being outside....I hate to depend on Mother Nature.  But, the outdoor vendors were allowed to spill out was stunning! other word.

So much furniture goodness!

Shopping Oath:  Come rain or shine I will dress in a rockin' vintagey dress with an edgy army jacket accessorized with an oversized golf umbrella and a precious spring flower in my hair. 

Everyone knows how much I LOVE dogs....only to be surpassed on the love scale is Boston Terrier dogs.  This sweet little brown and blue eyed diva stopped in for a visit.  Meet Princess Honeybadger.

Feed sack gone comfy!

I missed seeing a goat (I heard they were there), but I did see Tom Turkey and a flock of chickens.

It was difficult to leave McDonald's farm on Sunday. details.....

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Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

I ave been waiting for this post....and the followup!.....I had a blast...your class was ROCK-O-LICIOUS....and a hoot to say the least...I am still giggling!...was awesome to see you again..looking forward to "lunch"..creative blessings, debbie