Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Artistic Graffiti Cane!

Very often you can easily look past the obvious.  I have always said, creativity can rear its beautiful head in the most unusual place.  And, artists can find the most unusual place to declare their canvas.  

Recently, I parked my car and was casually walking to my appointment when I noticed a HUGE patch of cane.  The first initial thought is "fishing"...yep, I grew up on a farm.  Cane fishing poles hung in every barn, shed and shack so when the urge to snatch a fish should adequate fishing device was only steps away.  Cane poles were as common as dirt on the farm.  

The next thought, was realizing the size and thickness of the cane was much larger than what I remembered on the farm.  This cane had been growing for many years.  

Then comes the need for me to get up close and personal to such a memorable part of my growing up years.  

Now, I'm tramping around in the cane patch, which is technically the shrubbery and gardens of the business building, so that I can touch the cane....when I stumble into some peace, love and the ying and yang.

 Someone has decided to make the cane their canvas.  

a.  I had no idea you could carve into cane and it be so preserved
b.  I had no idea anyone would want to carve in cane
c.  I was so surprised at how well this carving was executed

Obviously, Nana and Dada found this canvas a place to declare their sisterhood. Plus, many...many others felt the canvas was the perfect place to leave their mark as well.  Kind of graffiti-esque and a wee bit like "destruction of property", but, never the less, it was artistic and interesting.  

Lesson learned:

Never....NEVER overlook the obvious, there might be a tiny bit of artistic endeavors marking a memorable thought from the past.  


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Suz said...

Very fun post. I love Nana and Dada and their sisterhood!