Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mixed Media Wood Canvas Art!

I just purchased the wood canvas art board.  They are 1.5" deep and a 4"x4" square.  This little stack of wood boxes was ordered months ago, but today they entered into the land of creativity!  I loved the sturdiness of them....I painted...hammered....glued.....strung string....and wrapped some fabric....all on the same block and each stood up to the test perfectly!

The image is a former view master slide....but the duplicate other side was torn away.  The sweet little girls picking flowers was yummy!

A little string experimenting was in order today.  It kind of made an extra three dimensional frame around the image.....looks interesting!c

Then each block was wrapped with a piece of vintage feed sack fabric.  I'm a purest about my fabrics!

The fun wording was pretty obvious.  Fun to make!

Tomorrow, I will shoe you my favorite.....

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