Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Country Living Fair 2013 Phase 1

The Country Living Fair always has the signature pumpkin and gourd totem!  This year was no different....just beautiful!  They even had a pumpkin cairn.  This pile of fall beauty is always a major photo opportunity for everyone attending.  Once again, confirming my belief of 'more is more' and 'more is better'....credo of a maximalist.

This little vignette was so precious.  Not so many of these found at this event.  Men are found in the outdoor lounge under the trees! 

Tye dye is such a creative form of textile beauty.  I happen to have a wing-ding tye dye artist just down the hall from me at Chattanooga Workspace.  Just in small windows of observation I have seen a tip of the process....this is not child's play.  The booth particularly decided to tye dye everything.  Sweaters, plaid shirts, blue jeans, blouses, silk, underwear...just about anything.  Naturally, I was drawn to the the dyed wedding gown.  Fab!

As always, linens can never be over merchandised.  I do love them.  Back to my "maximalist" style of linens.....

A truly clever merchandiser can make any form of an item look appealing.  We all know praised and desired baked goods or sweets are always a draw.  This particular booth owner made all of her vintage notions and trims look like cupcakes and pastries. Absolutely scrumptious.

The whole day just made me....

Tomorrow a little insight to furniture at the fair!
Whoop, whoop!

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