Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Antique Booth At Knitting Mill Antiques Is Full Of Goodies!

I've been cleaning out....picking.....searching...and buying....and guess what?
It has all been put in my antique booth at the Knitting Mill!

My vintage purse collection has gotten a little overwhelming...so, I'm sharing it with my friends Fabulous little evening bags and funky vintage pock-kah-books!!

I will forever love a good platter or serving dish!  You can never have too many!

Just recently found this little doll.  She is so "Jackie-O" to me.  Quite a little cutie!

All kinds of new odd tables and trunks.

But, one of my very, very favorite lamps is this old parking meter!  You will not find this funky lamp in any department store!

All kinds of vintage made earrings!

'Tis the season for RED!!

Stuff...stuff and more stuff!

Plus, a whole basket of vintage ephemera!  You will never believe what all can be found in this basket.

I just recently purchased a small glass case.  It is filled with two cubic feet of vintage jewelry and tiny little baubles!  

Knitting Mill has some great vendors and antiques!  Christmas Open House is coming up!  Great place to shop!

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