Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sewing Buttons and Doilies!

In the middle of moving and packing I unearthed a box with an unfinished project.  I think this endeavor began two years ago.
It started with this beautiful hand crocheted doily with little linen coins creating the base.  

I do not use doilies too much, but this one was so different.  My intention was to create a pillow with it. ...obviously, I put it in a box under my bed...and I haven't seen it since....until....TODAY!
About eight of the buttons were sewn on...and a baggy full of buttons.

So, in the middle of moving and packing I sat down and finished sewing the buttons on.  Like I needed to do this TODAY?

But, it did turn out cute!
Now...how many years before it  becomes a pillow?


Terri said...

It's wonderful!

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