Thursday, January 2, 2014

Combining Old and New Quilt Fabric!

Finally got to some stitching.  It has taken a while, might I add. It is so strange...when you haven't worked on something you so love to do, pick it up and it seems like you just put it down about an hour ago.  My needle and thread were still stuck in the fabric and you just start sewing.  No debate, trying to remember what the goal was, foresee the end result...nope, just start.  Similar to many things we abandon and want to begin, you first must start.  

The brain often needs to escape.  My brain has been needing an escape for roughly 65 days steadily.  With the ease back into the new year and the routine that comes with daily life I am thrilled.  Maybe my "starting" will be more frequent!

My mantra: START!

I have much starting to do.

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