Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Refurbish An Antique Lamp Day!

Well today I got the "I must refurbish my antique lamp" bee in my bonnet!  I have had this somewhat ornate antique floor lamp, that a friend gave me, about 15 years ago.  It was a shiny spray paint gold with a clear glass shade.  So, to say it was blinding when turned on was an understatement.  It landed in my totally never used living room at my former home.  Never saw it....never spent too much time thinking about it... I loved it...but, it just wasn't ever right.  So today....the transformation began...

This is a terrible photo of the ornate top of the lamp and note the ugly color.

This is the base...same ugly color. Note the curly cue iron work...and this puppy is HEAVY.

I am so lovin' this teal color right now.  It took about two hours to get my paint brush and paint in all the crevices.  Whew.  But, it is done and my floor lamp is officially teal.

I found the hand painted shade about five years ago.  It was $5 at a yard sale.  I knew it would find a home eventually....wasn't sure it would be mine....but, look how cool this looks with the new teal base.   

My new lamp has found a home by my reading/stitching chair in my bedroom. 

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