Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Drinking Buddies!

Yes, I have three daughters. One that walks on two legs, and two that walk on four legs. The two furry variety are quite interesting. My husband and I have had a pet for nineteen years. Always a Boston Terrier and loved every minute of it. We are no doubt pet parents. But, when it was discussed to purchase a second Boston, I had a weary feeling. I only thought of the "double the" side of the equation. The "double the" side of the equation was no where near the surface. My "glass is half empty and that half is full of dog hair" voice was waaaaay in front of where it needed to be. It took time, watching them play together quite happily, and more importantly, seeing them lounge on each other as they nestle down to sleep. There is no doubt they thoroughly rejoice in the others company. Plus, our family enjoys watching two animals enjoy each other. If you have had a bad day....the "girls" as we fondly call them, tend to eliminate the negative. There is nothing funnier than watching two dogs shred a former credit card advertisement into microscopic pieces of paper pulp and get it stuck in between the teeth of their bulging under bites. Simple, goofy pleasures created by innocent, loving animals can out weigh any TV show available. These two are such a happy addition to our little family. Daisy the older pet is stable and obedient, and the total counter point is Lilly, the wild and disobedient one. It is possible for the glass to be full of dog hair and enjoyed.

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