Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Not Just An Elf!

I have a friend who collects all things. She embodies my philosophy of..."if you have one, there is no doubt 6-8 would be much better." My friend has always collected these little elf/nymph type figurines. I'm sure they have a name....I don't know it. I found one a few years ago with every intention of giving it to her. She tucks them in her bookcase, little eyes peeping around ancient novels...and I just love it. We live in distant cities, and I never got around to mailing my little treasure to her. Now over the years, I've found a couple more...thus, I now have a collection of little elf/nymph type figurines. My intentions were to give my friend the elf/nymph with her in mind, but I selfishly kept it because I began to be charmed by their happy, childlike faces too. I first thought my affection was for the elf/nymph itself, but I have now come to know it was the association of quirky junk enjoyed by a friend. Generally, I only purchase the tiny 2" tall variety, just like my friend, but last week I found a elf/nymph on steroids identical to my mini elf/nymphs...and I found it spectacular! My elf/nymphs sit around my house year round. Every time I pass them (which is every time I go up the steps to the second floor) I see them, and I always think of my friend. Plus, now I have the mega-elf/nymph added to the collection, and it even more reminds me of my giant friendship. This friend always surfaces when I need her (husband included), no matter the situation. So, the morale of this story...sometimes what appears to be a cheap, ceramic dust collector in some eyes, is really a mutual admiration for a true friend in others.

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