Friday, December 14, 2007

Egg Cups....Maybe?

I recently attended a yard sale in my area. I'm a huge fan of purchasing someone's stuff at rock bottom prices. I found these two adorable wooden, handpainted soldier type figures. The top of their hat could easily hold a boiled egg. I'm not sure what they are supposed to be....but, they add a lot of Christmas charm to my mantle. My daughter gave me the quirky little elf that obviously had a former life hanging on to something, and seemed to fit perfectly atop this hat. They are clearly beginning to age, paint is crackling and fading. I guess for me, part of the purchase was wondering if some yummy, nurturing mother gets up on Christmas morning, prepares her children their breakfast and serves it in these delightful egg cups? It paints a "Cleaver" moment in my head. I have learned for myself, that having the imagination to create what story something may tell is somewhat easier than telling your own. I think these egg cups have been used lovingly many times to serve two children a special Christmas breakfast. I might even try to replicate it for mine....

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