Saturday, December 15, 2007

He Smells Like Kibble Not Cookies!

I just happened to be looking through some old photos the other night and stumbled on to this picture. This is our precious, dainty, flower....Daisy. This was her first visit to see Santa. We all felt quite confident she would sit quietly, slightly nervous, and highly anxious to get back to her car and home in minimal time....little did we know. The moment Daisy made Santa contact, she went into "I Love You" appreciation lick mode without hesitation. Poor Santa had no idea that 10 pounds of short-haired, angelic flower power, could leap into his face, reel out a tongue and lap his moustache and beard faster than he could adjust his fake wig. She felt the Christmas spirit, and knew only kind gestures would insure her toys and treats. Santa was overwhelmed with her joy, and once all energy was under control, listened in his dog whisper-er way to what she had to say. Christmas was great that year, and thank goodness the essence of the season was captured by a Polaroid.

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