Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Not Just An Envelope!

I have a friend who is truly an artist. Just a few days ago I received a little note from her, and above was the envelope it was in. Frankly, she could have written her name on a 3x5 index card and called it a day once I opened the piece of mail, for the envelope was waaaaaay more interesting and fun than the purchased card. It had cute art, whimsical images, multi-colored inks and wonderful words and quotes. My daughter and I were smiling long before we got to the card. I've never thought about using the envelope as a canvas to express creative "whatever", don't you think the postal people got a bigger charge out of seeing this envelope over the traditional blank and computer typed variety? I resolved at that very moment while sitting at the end of my driveway looking at her envelope and the rest of the mail...I will NEVER just send an envelope. It will always be a canvas for artistic expression while in route to whomever. Sometimes it is not about the purchase, as much as it is about the effort. I hope you will never see your mail as just stacks of could be stacks of happy doodles embracing a warm message.

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