Thursday, January 10, 2008

52 Ways To Garnish With Jewelry, Number 1!


Have you ever played bingo in a true "Bingo Hall"? There is nothing like it. The environment is quite altering...and a test of hand and eye coordination. My husband and I, while on vacation several years ago decided to stop in and give it a whirl. How hard could this be?

First, upon walking into the 5,000 square foot aluminum building; every bee hive, bald head, purple haired, freshly coiffed wig and some fairly normal heads, spun around and smelled new competition without hesitation. They sensed fresh blood before we hit the door. Little did they know, nor did we, that our ability to actually play the game, provide a competitive edge or possibly take home the kitty was not going to happen. After a quick glaze of the room, we found two open seats and sidled down to attempt fitting in and playing a simple game of BINGO.

We watched the procedure for getting cards, had to use plastic tokens for cover ups, because we forgot our monogrammed, multi-colored, dauber carrying case. For those who didn't see us come in, this was yet another glaring clue that unskilled outsiders were trolling for the cookie jar (bottle of money, I would call a jackpot). Not to be too intimidating, my Honey and I decided to play as a team. Note: this is scorned by all BINGO players. We got three cards, thinking this would surely make us appear a bit less green. The lady next to me, was at least 75 years old, played eight cards, drank diet coke like a drunken sailor, smoked 14 cigarettes, altered the colors of her daubing, gave us endless advice, and detected several unmarked numbers on our three cards, all in the same game, lasting approximately 5.2 minutes. It was the culmination of this very moment that I heard the word BINGO, and it will now forever be etched in my mind differently! It was confirmed...we were novice, rookie, amateur BINGO players. Only 45 minutes into our "fun" evening of childhood gaming, and we were down $52, two cokes and our self-esteem. We had stepped into a world we were not worthy of entry.

Thus, the need to use our BINGO calling tokens in a different way. Why not a bracelet? I wear one myself on occasion, and there has never been a time that I am not humbled when I see it. I will always remember Gladys (the 75 year old), her multi-tasking skills, and our inability to play BINGO.

Wear things that remind you of fun occasions! It adds to the ensemble.


Anonymous said...

I love writing that creates an unforgettable image in my mind! I actually see Gladys (in all her AARP glory). Dare I say I even smell the musky pungent combination of daubers and Lucky Strikes? Ahhh...the Frank Capra-esque Americana feel of a good ole fashioned Bingo Hall...what could be better? Maybe an ancient funky drive-in theater with a rusty speaker that dangles from your car window? Now that should be your next adventure. We may not all be able to "Bingo"...but I'll just bet any of us could successfully navigate the drive-in world, (as long as there's plenty of buttered popcorn and Milk Duds to go around!) Alexa, thanks for the hilarious glimpse into the bingo hall...can't wait for the next adventure!

Janet said...

Lynn at the Vintage Nest sent me and I am oh so happy that she did. I played BINGO with my grandmother for years, but I have no clue what a "dauber" is. Guess I will continue to stay out of the bingo halls.