Thursday, January 10, 2008

The New Years Final Declaration!

It is official...I have confirmed my creative goals for the 2008 blog. du du du dahhhhhhh(sing similar to Beethoven's 5th) After much evolution to what I said earlier, the plan is this....

This year will be a theme on the number 52! This being the number of weeks in the year and the same number of creative efforts I hope to achieve in the following categories:

1. Photos Worth Smiling 52 Times!

2. Craft-Down To 52 Creative Projects!

3. 52 Uses for Old Stuff!

4. Piece of Art x 52!

5. 52 Ways To Garnish With Jewelry!

6. Thought Number ____of 52 By The Craftsy-Merchant!

There you have it....because of my particular work ethic and personality, a declared list of things to do must be created to ever get anything done. The order in which these little snippets of "52 whatever" could randomly appear any day of the week....but, they will appear! Check in every day to see what surfaces! Pass this blog on to a friend and get whatever is appearing in the "Pay It Forward" column of the blog...this too will change randomly. Let's try to make it fun!! a photo worth smiling for...number 1!
Babies...babies....babies...what is more likable to see than hundreds of 4" tall, little babies laying in a bucket? I saw this tub of babies at a flea market and could not resist taking a photo! My philosophy for collecting has always gets you started, two creates bookends, three makes a nice display, four is a horrible even number, and five makes you on your way to being a collector, so what does hundreds make!

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