Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Finding Creative Salvation

"Writing is like religion. Every man who

feels the call must work out his own salvation."

--George Horace Lorimer

The artsy creative side of my brain just ran head on into a brick wall. The ideas were stale, the glue was not sticking, the paint was the wrong color and I just ran out of ink in the printer. I elected to leave my "studio" (room I'm too embarrassed to show anyone, because of the ever growing pile of creativity, that strongly resembles a garbage dump) and headed toward my laundry (yet another heap in a small room I'm too embarrassed to show anyone, because of the ever growing pile of apparel, that strongly resembles a thrift store) to attempt some accomplishment in household duties. While sifting through the t-shirts and towels I began to think about what causes a creative block...I concluded...I don't have a clue. But, upon mental observation, this particular day, I didn't write first...I went straight to the work coffee, no house duties, no blog! Hark, an epiphany. Writing has become the jump start to the creative day. It's my coffee, my daily chore (in a good way), my creative salvation. I began this writing process for a few particular reasons, and now it has become the reason to do a few particular things. It's quite annoying, and somewhat refreshing to learn these little juicy tidbits about yourself...yet it's a shame it takes utter studio and home destruction to connect the dots. So, if experiencing any of the chaos as described above....find your salvation...

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Tara said...

I agree, there's are days I feel there's nothing to blog about, then I hit a pace where there are 5 things...and ebb and flow so i just wait until it happens!