Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love Of One's Home!

"The first indication of domestic
happiness is the love of one's home."


One more completed piece! If I may make this sound somewhat less of a big triumph...the piece is on a 5" square canvas...the picture does not quite allow for dimensions. It is tiny! My favorite is the itty bitty umbrella at the front door and the Monopoly hotel and houses on the top! Plus, notice a cigar wrapper made a showing as well.

After all the terrible storms the South has experienced in the past 24 hours...let's appreciate our homes that endured them...and remember those that didn't.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Every single time I visit I always get an idea for something. Love your pieces and inspiration. I like the way you used the monopoly pieces too. Very sweet of you to mention the storms in the south. They were terrible last nite. Today, here, it's 80 degrees and the wind is blowing like crazy. Highly unusual weather. ~ Lynn

Tara said...

Absolutely! This is a great craft-you are very talented (I think I keep saying that!)