Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Color of Enthusiasm!

The color of enthusiasm...what is it? I just had lunch with two dynamic women. They have a booming handcrafted business blossoming right under their feet. They are filled with colorful enthusiasm. It was outright contagious.

As a one woman operation...solitude is often my environment. I work alone...(not always a good thing). The whole mentality of "two heads are better than one", can certainly be beneficial. These particular two women are the essence of this philosophy. Each has their dominant strengths...and each almost needing the other to be one. It was quite wonderful to observe. The blogging community has certainly opened the world for like-minded people to convene and communicate, but, there is nothing like two brains chatting over a meal about their passions and hope for the future. To define it in everyday words...this enthusiasm was vibrant, fresh and quite vivid. It was creative juices flowing from every pore. It was no doubt the color of enthusiasm.

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Tara said...

I'm sure it was great to being the strength of solitude to these conversations!