Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Madness Is My Methodology

"Method facilitates every kind of business,
and by making it easy makes it agreeable,
and also successful."
-C. Simmons

I'm baaack. Yesterday was minimalism...and today the work table definitely falls under maximalism. For some unknown reason my crazy methodology has returned and reared its sometimes ugly head. My work space is a veritable jewelry hardware and parts refuse haven. Art projects are drying on the floor, and there is not one square inch available to rest a thimble on my art table. To actually walk in my work space takes the proficiency of a trapeze artist.

All of this pinging around while creatively working is often frustrating for me to say the least. Multiple projects are in mid-process of completion and ideas binging out of my brain at a very high rate of speed make order in my environment virtually impossible. I have no restraint to stop and complete a series of things...just keep everything going all at the same time. Should someone not of the creative mind enter into my tiny little world...there is no doubt 'madness' might describe the first impression. This process completely defies all reasoning behind the idea of methodology.

Unless, this is my methodology...what if this chaotic, deranged style of assembly and creativity is the order in which I function best? It certainly would confirm the thought that opposites attract, for my husband is a orderly...put everything in piles...all things must have order...mystified by the mess...type of guy. Maybe my madness is my methodology...hmmm.

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cammyk said...

I can totally relate to this post. Luckily, my family and friends have learned to look beyond my madness.

Have a great weekend.