Friday, May 2, 2008

Vintage Was Once Brand New!

" It is easily overlooked
that what is now called vintage
was once brand new. "
-Tony Visconte
My favorite little thrift/junk/antique/discarded/trash store was open to the masses this past weekend. The hours are generally when the owner feels like opening the front door, and the inventory is also subject to the owner's whim. Many items are not my "cup of tea"...but, every once in a while...a little pocket of gems will service buried beneath a pile of miscellaneous "who knows what". The latest visit produced the brick-a-brack above...all equally wonderful treasures. Truly finding the unexpected is the rush of the hunt...the unknown diamond in the rough...the obscure doo-dad that you haven't seen in years...the thrill of realizing vintage was once brand new!

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