Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Life's Little Mysteries...

"Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life.
Don't let them scare you unduly,
for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity."
-R.I. Fitzhenry

This past weekend I found these two beautiful scrapbooks at a local antique store buried beneath a stack of National Geographic magazines.

The "Cut Outs" book was a child's notebook for written genius. This particular book had no evidence of any documented history...but, had a few scribbles of a toddler throughout. It was in pretty good condition, with the exception of the mice that obviously found it worthy of a snack at some point. The colors were stunning and created a thrilled image of a child who had initially received it many years ago in my brain.

The "Spiral Scrap Book" was my favorite. Don't you love the landscape on the cover? It reminds me of a paint by number kit. Once again this was once some one's way of preserving all things important. But, disappointingly...it had nothing in it. The book was completely empty. I loved the cover and purchased it any way.

But....to my SURPRISE! When I sat down to write this blog about how beautiful I found the covers to each of my new scrapbooks....these two little slivers of newspaper fell out. I was so excited!

The first advertisement was for a car. It sold the reader on how important it was to have transportation and to go places, and do and see things. It was possible for $25 you could have a down payment on your very own car...the key to experiencing life. Hmmmm.

The next sliver of newspaper was a cutout of this handsome gentleman smoking a pipe set in front of a picturesque landscape. I can't tell what he was telling us...but, the person that cut this out, heard something worthy of saving. Maybe it was his warm smile...cute outfit...or great striped director's chair? Or maybe the "cutter outter" envisioned someone just like this taking her for a ride in a new car out to see and experience the world?
The paper was dated December 31, 1939, Omaha, NE. Who knows why these two pieces of newspaper were so important...who knows why they found their way into this scrapbook...who knows who the "cutter outter" was? But....life is full of little mysteries...they tend to keep boredom at bay... and no doubt spark creativity!


Jenni Jones said...

Wow, I love your fantastic "finds"!
I am a lover of old books and spend many hours searching for that special treasure at vintage markets and antique shops.
I bought a plastic bag full of old photo's (are you crazy Mum, why do you want photo's of people you dont know?) and spent hours working out who goes with what. I also bought an old stamp album at the same market and plan to make it into a special scrapbook to hold the old photo's. It is nice to meet someone who understands my obsession with all things old.
Thanks for sharing!

Tara said...


So much mystery attached! What fun to try and figure out! I know these will end up in someting creative that you put together!

Buffy said...

I too love to try to figure out why somebody would save something like those two clippings. I think thats where creativity comes from. Wondering and thinking about it. Thanks for sharing!