Tuesday, July 8, 2008


“Friends are the Bacon Bits
in the Salad Bowl of Life.”
I just love a great bowl! This particular era of ceramics is my favorite. The images are so distinct of that time. I serve every meal in some fun ceramic bowl...that is crackled...cracked...aged...and formerly held the vegetables of some "Beaver Cleaver" family from years ago. My food no doubt tastes better.
My daughter has opened her own Etsy store. It is filled with little vintage things she likes. She opened just a week or so ago, and already has two sales! She is very excited, and seems to be handling it all just great! As a Mom...don't you love it when your offspring's hobbies are just like yours! This equates to the future in these terms:
"WE will always have our junking!"

go to: www.chaoticclutter.etsy.com


Dawn said...

Love these bowls, too!
Reminds my of my childhood....

Natalie Jane said...

Welcome her to Etsy for me.

LOVE the bowls!