Monday, July 28, 2008

Inspiration From Trash!

Trash Tribute No. 3
This cute little oak chair was one of many about to be left in a building that was going to be destroyed. I consider that a form of trash. My Mother-In-Law, being very in tune with my need to have old stuff, alerted me of their church offering anyone whatever was left in a former Sunday School building. The structure had become uninhabitable and the church was replacing it with new, anything the church had not retrieved would be left in it, and the wrecking crew was going to demolish the building and take it to the dump.
I was thrilled to diminish the dump pile... and got away with about 15 of these little chairs. I still have six, but, have given the other nine to various people through the years. I can remember sitting in a similar chair at church and school when I was a little girl.
Some might find it appalling that when my family and friends are going to throw something away...they think of me...hmmmm. It just depends on what side of the trash you are viewing.


rho said...

i love your tributes to trash! i am another such person, to the dismay of my family! lol i love to find neglected, cast-off treasures that other people consider beyond use and destined for the landfill. it may take me a while to figure out what i want to do with it, but i want it nonetheless! lol keep on rescuing those wonderful pieces. love love love that green lamp! gorgeous!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, I've found some great things that others have considered trash! One is the little fold-top desk that holds the laptop on which I'm writing right at this moment! Not a thing wrong with it, too. It has all those cute little cubbies. I also found a white wicker (whicker?) etagere that is in my office and holding stacks of my fabric--tossed out at the same time as the desk! Well, their loss, my gain!