Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally....Some Art!

Yes, today is the first day of school! Yea! My life...schedule...time...can now become more orderly and I like it! My daughter is not quite so thrilled to have put on a uniform today...but, I was thrilled to wash and iron as needed.
A little time last week was dedicated to art...(had a few art deadlines I needed to meet) and this was one of the end results. I'm really liking the fat canvas! It can hang, or sit on a flat surface ...quite versatile.
Stumbled across the simple, yet totally real poem below and had to include it with a puppy. ENJOY!

I attended the 'ga-zillion' mile yard sale!!!

Can't wait to share the pictures...

the stories...and THE PURCHASES!

Check back tomorrow!

1 comment:

rho said...

what a wonderful little saying! i must add it to my "have to use" list. i so enjoy your entries and inspirations, thank you for sharing!