Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ga-Zillion Mile Yard Sale! No. 1

"To invent you need a good imagination
and a pile of junk"
-Thomas Alva Edison
The "Ga-Zillion Mile Yard Sale" runs smack through my town and state! Yippee! Those who live in the area of Highway 27 are generally not that thrilled about its 'take-over' capabilities. The traffic...the out-of-towners...the loads of junk everywhere....but, to those who love to pilfer through the leftovers of others, it is like the Super Bowl of Junking! It truly is the only place you can shop for approximately eight hours on a fifty dollar bill, and have to tie your trunk with things in your lap and pray there is no need for sudden stops. This is some of my very first purchases...the game board, funky little pile of tins, the button box and the awesome hotel key. This key was from a former resort here in my area. To think we had to carry that key and fob around as opposed to our credit card version now. Whew!
This may have been my favorite find...the "Artstyle Chocolates" button box. It was only $5! Filled with old, beautiful buttons, notions, junk and thread. I LOVED IT!
I don't really know what these are. Obviously they were used in some form of print advertising. Each was made of a 16"x20" sheet of very thin aluminum. The cost of items and marketing techniques were priceless! Notice the one below (my personal favorite)...if you bought groceries at this particular could register for a free! Not to mention a 50 lb. bag of potatoes was only eighty-nine cents! I found about 10 different sheets and have no idea what to do with them...but, going with the quote above.
Of course, games are always a favorite. I found this old monopoly game with all the pieces...two versions of PIT and a box of musical flash cards!
My passion for words easily translates into letters. Any time I see a box of letters...I'm willing to physically wrestle for them. I loved these black acrylic letters...
and a box of letter stencils! You can never have too many letters! The Ga-Zillion Mile Yard Sale is absolutely....T -E - R - R - I - F - I - C! The next post will be all the little things I found....woo hoo!


Utah Grammie said...

wow! I guess you did score! I'd love to go to one of those - but all we have here are good 'ol garage sales. Come on over - I'm having a contest!

rho said...

i've heard of this yard sale thing! i wanna go!!! i love the things you found, can't wait to see more! do you know where to find info on this HUGE yard sale thing? i'm so jealous!

Tara said...

I know YOU will put it all to good use!

Whitney Johnson said...

Lucky duck! How fun! :) Can't wait to see more...