Monday, August 18, 2008

Ga-Zillion Mile Yard Sale! No. 2

Yes!....this is a wooden man that reminds me of Jack Benny...and yes, he has no arms. Saw this and loved it....hopefully, it was played with to the point of armless-ness. I can see ol' Jack getting some prosthetic limbs and in my office he will hover. I'll keep you posted of any craft-urgeries performed in the near future. Loved the pattern for the heart shaped apron! I had to pick this up...for this is the only way my husband can see me wearing such a lovely household garment...and that is by holding it up to my front and letting him envision me wearing it. To be so "June Clever-esque" is not me...but, I love to appreciate it. The needle packets...the canning jar labels...and the photo of the ever chic woman of 1956 was outstanding!
Had to have this pile of plastic people. Usually all you find is cowboys and Indians..and always army men...but, this is a pile of people doing jobs from their native land. The Chinese carrying baskets...the dutch carrying buckets...all great colors...and it reminded me of the Olympics!
Here are my favorites....loved the strand of skeleton keys...and the dark rusted circles are little watchmaker tins. Each is filled with little teeny tiny watch parts....most too rusted to open...but, nothing that a little "Goo" can't fix with a little elbow grease. I always have an interest in anything a bag of key chains! The "Twigg" badges are odd... the lady said they were her husbands military tags...why she wouldn't keep them... and a total stranger would pay ten cents each for them... is a mutual mystery.
The skate with wings says on the little tag attached to it "LOUISE 1939" sweet. Does anyone know what this skate means? But, the plastic "Brownie" pin brings back oodles of memories. I was a Brownie long enough to get this pin (of which I promptly discarded when I became a Girl Scout). I was only a Girl Scout long enough to sell cookies once. It was not what I thought it was cracked up to be. The whole Girl Scout mission was lost in me...I just wanted to sell cookies. My loss.
This hand and heart pin was perfect. I found it in a pile of mess...plucked it out and the dealer said, twenty five cents?...and I quickly gave him a quarter. You will see it again in the purposing is in its future!
This little Red Cross Elf was itty bitty. Only about an inch in height. The dealer said it was quite unique...I just thought it was cute. What do you think?
This was a box of union buttons! Loved the colors. Once again I know very little about union traditions...but, I loved the buttons.
This is a miscellaneous box of trinket stuff one dealer had spread out across a table. Obviously, the former owner bowled...alot.....was a member of the Lion's Club....was a little musical....and played board games. Whew! I bet he was fun!! Love the Bakelite stick pin with rhinestones!
Well...this is the end of the small stuff...but, tomorrow comes the pictures from my point of view. Yard sales can create interesting vignettes....and tomorrow is my interpretation.


Tara said...

I think I see an American Legion pin in your new collection!

Utah Grammie said...

Oh, you got some really neat stuff! I especially liked the apron and things you showed in that photo - and the heart and hand? Wow, too cute! And for a quarter?! Good deal. Have a fun week and I can't wait to see what all you do with your treasures.

rho said...

what a wonderful collection of fabulous fun stuff you found! good job! i love coming across things like this, whether it be one item or 50! lol thanks for sharing!


queenostuff said...

Love, love, love all the treasures! Nothing better than finding good junk.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh..I see a lot of craft projects in all those little trinkets...great stuff!