Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Country Living Fair!

The Country Living Fair lived up to its reputation! My friend and I promptly arrived at the "early bird" arrival time...9am, and anxiously awaited our moment to step on to the hallowed grounds. This day was unfortunately dreary...rainy...sometimes outright pouring (remnants of Ike)...but, we came prepared with mud boots and rain jackets. Inclement weather would not deter our need to take in the world's most beautiful fair. The weather was somewhat difficult to deal with...it was raining...but, the temperature was 97 degrees. Thus, the wonderful rain jacket that keeps you nice and dry...also, kept you nice and toasty. It was like you were walking around viewing all this loveliness in a microwave oven set on medium heat for three hours and seventeen minutes. I think I may have lost weight in my jacket....but, was quickly replaced with homemade cherry cobbler! The food vendors were awesome! FYI: even though my body temperature was screaming "get me out of this plastic, non-breathing shield of crunchiness....I didn't seem to care. The day was fantastic! The visual of pumpkins...gourds...mums...hay...cornstalks...was everywhere. No little area of emptiness was not adorned with fall eye candy. The festival is in the middle of an Ohio Historic Village.
Each booth was created like a miniature outdoor store yearning YOU to stop and see what they had to offer. Take note: I did not have enough money to suppress my need to purchase!
The Fall vignettes were outstanding. I have not seen a pumpkin in my area of the states at all....but, Ohio must have placed their order ages ago. Everything was at the fair!
This picture brings me to say, "even the most plain...full of purpose, totally utilitarian item can be embellished to make walking up to its claustrophobic doors a pleasure. Yes, the Port-O-Potties were attractive. Beautiful painted landscapes made each tiny 3" x 3" building worth giving a visit.
More beautiful gourds and landscape. This tiered container had itty-bitty gourds in it. I've never seen them this tiny!
We have all been to flea markets...fairs...festivals...but, this one was above the norm. Every vendor had such pride and display about their wares. Creating visuals with their merchandise was visible throughout.
One of my favorite booths was the European enamelware. It looked like piles of bowl-ish Easter eggs. Piles of all size bowls and pots. Truly yummy to see.
This was the cutest little Winnebago styled lemonade cart. Notice the lovely arrangement on the corner...the skirting around the base....and all the cute garnish. Fabulous!
Enough for today....more is coming about the junking pilgrimage.....


scrapwordsmom said...

Oh, how I wish I could have gone. But alas, I live in Missouri!

Love your blog, btw. Found it on Rebecca's.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I am so envious that you got to go to the CL fair. Thank you for sharing your photos. Can't wait to see more. And I don't think I would have minded waiting in line to use the Porta Potties when they looked like that. :) Lynn

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Painted like that, I might actually venture into one of those 3x3 buildings.

Utah Grammie said...

Looks like a wonderful place to be! I'm a tad be jealous..ok..maybe more than a
"tad"..glad you had a good time.

inmuletown said...

Wheeee! You're pictures look great! It doesn't even look like it was rainy and 100 degrees. We needed a pic of us in our "Heads will roll" necklaces. Can't wait 'til the next trip - Edie