Monday, September 22, 2008

Pilgrimage Day 2!

At the top of last week, I was all about the "Country Living Fair", with more fun stuff we saw along the pilgrimage to be shared the next day. Let's rewind a bit to completely understand the following photo.... Rewind: Two weeks prior to my pilgrimage, I went hiking with the family. What was intended to be a simple one mile hike to see a beautiful waterfall, became the fantastic voyage to the core of the earth. Approximately 10 miles later...22 crossings of the river up to my knees...and I was in extreme physical melt down. FYI: I NEVER HIKE! This was just supposed to be a fun thing to do. I finally reached my car and vowed to NEVER...EVER....HIKE again. The next day my body was done. I assumed all pain would eventually subside. Although, the foot pain did not. But, just as a Postman takes the oath to deliver under any condition....a Junker too, takes the oath to gather under any conditions. So, the foot provided much pain, whining, aggravation, and sometimes led to me wheeling around in an antique mall, as seen below. Last Thursday was the final straw that broke the antique tea cup. I went to the doctor. I have a fractured bone and torn ligaments in my heel and foot. I now look like this...and must walk with crutches. Needless to say, I have brought "high maintenance" to a new level! My lack of mobility has pretty much sent everything spiraling out of control. Today, is the first day to finally get it all back together. Whew! So, back to the to Amish Country in Berlin, Ohio. Below is the infamous Heini's Cheese Factory.
This is the awesome Antique Mall that brought mucho pleasure, depleting funds and junk enhancements! We arrived at the 9am opening....left at 1:30pm. Never stopping for lunch. Imagine....four and a half hours aimlessly walking through scads of fantastic antique stuff! It can be done....and it can be done on a wounded foot. This is a sight I rarely get to see...but, found it quite charming. This is the longest covered bridge in the United States. I did NOT walk it. Many beautiful apple orchards dotted our path. Yum!!!
This was the guard dog at the orchard.
When I saw these three cuties, it reminded me of a friend I have. She too, has three little chicks with number four on the way.
As a former farmer's daughter that raised tobacco for years, this barn brought back many fond memories. This humon-goid spinning wheel was in a craft room on the second floor of an antique mall. They taught traditional spinning and sewing techniques. Quite cool. Well, this is yet one more day of my pilgrimage. Tomorrow is photos of the great junk!!!! Beware.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Now exactly how did you fracture your bone on the "hike"? I am so sorry. 4 hours in an antique store is my absolute dream come true. I am a true junker. Bobby G. tried to lure me to a new Bass Pro shop by telling me maybe there would be some antique places on the way. It worked! :)

cammyk said...

So sorry to hear about your foot. How long will you have to be in the boot? Can't wait to see your treasures....looks like the most perfect trip!!