Monday, September 8, 2008

Had To Share!

Passing on the torch.... As a parent, you hope that something about YOU will surface in your offspring (only the good of course). Well, one of my wants would be to pass on the ability to sit at a table with a bunch of arts and crafts supplies and get totally lost in what you are doing. Just be able to be with yourself and your creative spirit not driven by rules and instructions. Never look at the clock and only wonder where the time went. Ta-dah....I think the gene has been shared. Not too long ago, my daughter spent the afternoon in our basement making little clay puppies. Below is the outcome. She had no pattern, no guidance (I wasn't even around) and no rules...just raw creativity forming into cook able clay. The end result of her creative spirit made this adorable little "mop" type dog. I LOVED IT! Just had to share.

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Pam said...

O.k., I know it is now 9/4/09 and I'm a little late, but that dog is precious! I just found your blog from someone else's and I'm loving it! :)