Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crafty Carriers!

Just discovered this new blog...quite charming....and they are having a GIVEAWAY! Just read and comment to enter...not too hard for what looks like a great little crafty carrier filled with great crafty goodies! Go visit: Vintage Cate! I've shown this before...but, since we are all registering for the new fan-dangled crafty carrier...I thought I would re-visit my homespun version. Yes, this was formerly an old aluminum lunch box. It is a perfect size!
Since things tend to wiggle around while dangling off your hand...a cloth lining was in order. I wanted something inexpensive...yet cute and re-purposed. So...while doing some thrifting I found this adorable "June Cleaver" type cotton red and white polka dot dress for a whopping seventy-five cents...purchased it.
Notice the red lining in the lunch box....
This is its former life....
Plus, I could possibly line approximately 27 more lunch boxes. Great buy...and great re-use! Pop in and register:

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