Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank You!

Sometimes people do things for you that a purchased thank you card cannot possibly express. Sometimes the "thank you" card is given to one person...yet, the process of making it was a gift from someone else. Make sense? The creativity of others begins to creep into what you make and integrates with your own personal style...and for this we must be thankful. Often this process is a disaster...but, other times it works like a dream. It can open up your own creative juices to expand and possibly cross down another street. As of late, I've tapped in to various other artist's techniques and attempted to try new things...but all the while being true to myself. This is a huge FUN process...and produced some oddly unique items. It is similar to "teaching an old dog new tricks". Never become complacent with what you do....try something new. The need to create something...(I have taken the handmade pledge) for a thank you gift has been weighing on me. I needed something to pass on that expressed my feelings toward the many gracious gifts/services to me. Being a seeker of profound words...brought me to these four quotes. I LOVED them! So, (light bulb moment) created four somewhat similar pieces...with four delicious quotes.
Time to wrap and mail...pass on the "Thank You"....appreciate the gift from all angles.


Whimsies Folksies said...

WOW! I love these cards! They are so original and cute! You're so right, we are always inspired by others. Thanks for sharing your art. I've added you to my blog. ~Joann

cupcake studio said...

Your Bingo Thank You's are just lovely! Wow.

karin said...

first time i visit your blog, and i love EVERYTHING i c!
well done
from sunny South Africa

Utah Grammie said...

these are just...perfect!! love them - thanks for always sharing your inspiration-

Zee said...

Very very nice work. I like the way you have arranged all the items and the colors...