Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not Just Another Fruit!

The art is beginning to flow. I have spent the last two days in a creative flurry. Certain situations accidentally become enlightening moments in more ways than one would think. Pardon the constant association with my aching foot...but, it permeates everything I do in some way. This is all new to me...a new found appreciation and respect for those who suffer from various handicaps that constrict every day movement that we all seem to take for granted.
The past two days have forced me to create my workspace to accommodate a person sitting with their foot on a stool and pillow. From the awkwardness of this process...I now know I stand when I create. EEEEEK! Not good for the current situation...but, not impossible. Just some minor adjustments in my creative room and some rearranging of my creative nest, and this too can be overcome. I look like the hub of a wheel with crutch spokes that suspend into piles of a circle of miscellaneous garbage and junk. Not attractive...but, quite functional.

Gladys the red pear that was featured in this months issue of Cloth, Paper Scissors has a sister...her name is Bertha. Yes, Bertha became my entree' into creating again. How strange is it for former blips of time and people to surface when you most need them? Gladys was in my life approximately three hours...and I reflect on her more times than you can imagine. It only seemed natural for her to have a sister.

This quote was exactly reminiscent of Gladys!

"Distinction is the consequence

never the object of a great mind."

-Washington Allston

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