Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random or Destiny?

In keeping with my accidental stumbling into art...I made my weekly pilgrimage to my favorite thrift store. Upon this not being a day for treasures found at the odd price of .59 or $1.38...I wandered back to the parking lot. There parked in the space directly in front of my car was this ever so minimalist contribution to automation...mother's little artistic expression...the mosaic mini van! Yes, the whole van was painted...bumper to bumper....wheel cover to wheel cover...
windshield wiper to windshield wiper! Not so visible via this photo is multi-colored glass globs glued all over the rear view mirrors and often in the mortar areas of the mosaic. Slightly visible through the window is the interior seat covers....4" length, hot pink synthetic fur. Obviously, the ride only an artistic person would buy vehicle tags. This van said so much, without ever saying a word. I LOVED IT!
I've lived in this town for 13 years...I've never seen this vehicle. You tell me random...or destiny?


Tami said...

Makes me laugh in amazement that is for sure!! Wonder how they was it!?

Have a great day!

Robin said...

Sounds like it was meant to be again!

scrapwordsmom said...

This was just too fun and reminds me of a van my mom and I saw at Tavern on the Green in New York City! Thanks for sharing and the memories.