Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random or Meant To Be?

Many of my friends make fun of my need to blog everyday...some constantly ask, "what do you talk about....what is the point?" This process started as a cathartic need to relieve some stress I was experiencing....and then it became a way to get involved and have purpose in my art...and has now segued into an art mission (self-inflicted). Who would of thunk it? I very early on decided my blog would encompass all kinds of artistic endeavors...enlightenment...and general art related stuff. All subject to my definition of what I deemed artistic. (FYI: in a blog you have complete creative license and control) Some days I do waffle or wonder what will be the topic...but, let me tell you it is very seldom. When you train your brain to look for something artistic...it somehow seems to surface when you least expect it. Last weekend the family attended a volleyball tournament at Converse College in South Carolina. In between games, my honey and I decided to walk around on the campus and enjoy one of the first sunny days of Spring. If we had not "randomly" chosen this particular sidewalk to stroll...I would have missed this awesome statue. Mary Stevenson Cassatt was perched upon a stone stage with a beautiful art palette in her hands. It begged me to read...learn...and now share. Ms. Cassatt provided a wonderful contribution to the art community. Her efforts were totally unfamiliar to me. I was not looking for artsy stuff....I think it actually came to me. Was it random...or meant to be? Hmmmmm.


BittersweetPunkin said...

I think your need to relieve some stress if very inspiring to others...I am always amazed at the beautiful things you create and how clever you can be about putting found objects together and turning them into art.

Robin said...

I say it was meant to be!