Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank You Mrs. Roosevelt!

Just got this card from one of my dear friends. I have never read this quote...but, loved it! Which brought me to the scariest moment of my day today. If you remember back in September of 2008, I fractured a bone in my foot, ripped some ligaments and did some type of nerve damage. Was in a boot with no weight for 5 weeks...and later had to have a pain specialist type doctor help me with the nerve issues. This little trek through the woods cost me about 6 months of walking and exercise. But, after my last check-up with the doctor, I am free to start back to my routine.
I have been building up to the big day of running for two weeks. I was suppose to ease into running. Weeks of walking led to today. I ran for about a mile and a half. Yippee! The initial walk to the end of the driveway was the scariest moment...the crutches...the pain....the immobility...the ugly boot all flashed through my head as I looked down my street. Then I stepped off on to the pavement...and everything was great. No issues... just a scary moment that made me feel normal again. Sometimes scary is good...thank you Mrs. Roosevelt!


Natalie Jane said...

Congrats! I hope to be as brave as you and try out some running shoes. Someday.....

Steve Rodli said...


Happy happies. Joyce