Friday, May 8, 2009

What Inspires Me

I found this image buried in a stack of drawings and doodles of a "How-To" art book copyrighted 1928. The image was not signed...but, I thought it was beautiful. All I did was embellish the image with stitching, notions and tatting...then added the quote by Thoreau. The art deco frame was perfect....I thought. I envisioned a man sitting and sketching this beautiful young woman as she waited for a bus or fairy. The doodles and drawings did not have duplicate was almost like he sat somewhere and sketched whomever attracted his eye. If I were guessing from the information gathered in the book...I would assume the artist and his muse might now be in the neighborhood of 105-115 years of age. I wonder if she ever knew it was drawn? What happened to the artist? I love finding little pockets of artistry, and then attempt to back in to what was going on to create them. Artistic gems of this sort are truly what inspire me.


Barb said...

That's lovely.


barbara jean

Jeanneoli said...

Love it!