Wednesday, May 6, 2009


"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others."
-Jonathan Swift
What do you see? Some might see... 1. Too much junk. 2. Over stimulation. 3. Garage sale gone bad. 4. Colossal waste of space. 5. Nothing I would want to peruse. Others might see... 1. Too much junk! 2. Over stimulation. 3. Garage sales under one roof! 4. Incredible use of an old two story warehouse! 5. Oodles of great stuff! If you notice...many of the points are the same if not similar....they are only read with the use of an exclamation point. Isn't it great how important that one little click of the upper case "1" makes in viewing the picture? Never forget the power of an exclamation point! It totally acts as a positive influence on your psyche, and no doubt a visual deflection to the brain...enjoy. NO! ENJOY!!!


starrynightimpressions said...

lol, love the exclamation point post!
I am queen of using them and am trying to control my usage :)
but after reading your blog post, maybe I'll keep on using them with gusto!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

This place is a wonderland!! I am so bummed I can't go right there. I have worked in stores where the owner won't put out much stuff preferring the minimalist approach. I don't even go in stores like that--they're empty and boring. You are soooo lucky to be there. I wouldn't know where to look first. xxKaren