Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sneak Some Stitching!

A little free time crept into my schedule last night so I did a little stitching.  Some of my favorite artists did some stitchery on their blogs, here and here and they inspired me to get in the groove.  Plus, I have been absorbing all information regarding differnt embroidery stitches.  The internet has a wealth of tutorials that are quite easy to understand.  Just google "how to embroider" and let the stitching begin.
I know we are all busy...but, sneak a little stitching in....


C said...

Love this post and I visited the two blogs...well that took about 2 hours! Thanks and did I mention I am doing tis at work? heehee

Tara said...


Hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!