Monday, August 22, 2011

The Chicago Bean!

It is official...I have been up close and personal with the "Bean" in Chicago.  Obviously, the idea of art selection in Chicago is "go big, or go home". Wow, now that is a big silver bean.

The magnitude in size made it awesome.  It's ability to reflect the city for miles was fascinating.  Once again, my simple minded brain has no idea how this giant bean that looks like liquid mercury is standing on two somewhat small areas.  

I wonder....
a.  what artistic brain bubble developed in a mind that said the world needs a giant silver bean?
b.  who was the city leader that approved a giant silver bean to be placed in the city? That provided some water cooler convo-ing.
c.  why are we fascinated to see a giant silver bean?

Don't know...but, I loved it!

1 comment:

Lataina said...

I wonder how the Bostonians didn't come up with this idea? LOL

Marilyn is still my fave! =)