Friday, December 9, 2011

"Blessed is he who has learned to laugh at himself,
for he shall never cease to be entertained."
-John Powell

Yes, if I couldn't laugh at myself this would be waaaay too serious.  I have been completely absorbed in preparing my home for entertaining.  

FYI:  I have cleaned small sub-cultures of dirt-life that had started mini eco-systems in crevasses of most every corner of my home.  The dust balls had evolved into tumbleweeds. My vacuum has refused to suck up anything else until I give it a un-electrified sabbatical.  Plus, I have purchased gallons of Windex.  

I generally think of myself as a semi-clean was I wrong.  Obviously, the "sweeping the dirt under the rug" syndrome has been going on quite a while.

FYI:  Upside to this dwelling is now CLEAN!

Sunday is my last soiree for the Christmas season.  A simple family gathering of 22 people.  All eating a meal I have cooked.  Insert:  quote above.

It took the consultation of two of the best cooks I know to guide me through this process.  Menu is now purchased....some food made....and table set.

Another small trauma was the need for dishes.  I refuse to use paper goods.  Now, here comes the easy part for me....gathering the dishes.  My first thoughts were to make everything match....but, I don't own 22 identical things.  So, I took the route of not one plate, glass, butter pat, napkin or piece of silver will match.  Mucho easier for me.  Although, I did have to take a few plates off the wall to add up to the magical 22.  

FYI:  Finally, my hoarding has paid off.

My table that seats 22 people looks like a quilt of beautiful mish-mash!  I love it!  

Once again:  Insert quote above.

Laugh at your inabilities and you will be continually entertained.

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Andria said...

Hi Alexa, I am new to your site, and really love the style of your art. I enjoyed this post. Congrats on all the cleaning; I bet your house feels amazingly refreshed! Your table looks wonderful...I would take a mismatched table full of interesting things to look at over a boringly matchy-matchy table any season of the year! Enjoy your holiday entertaining!